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With Velma Superstar the group tries out fame even if it is just for one night.
To reach that goal Velma appeals to various success ingredients.
- Fantasies: like becoming an opera singer, a first violin, or a pop singer dressed in a sparkling suit similar to the one of seventies celebrities.
- A choir of 30 individuals: volunteers are recruited in each city where Velma Superstar tours
- A string quartet
- And "VELMA" written in giant letters behind the stage
In the surprising context of Velma Superstar "spectacular", Velma members compose actually in spite of appearances a performance in continuation with their previous creations such as Cyclique or Rondo. Willing to concentrate on what makes its specificity and its strength the group simply creates music even if it is in a very unusual way.
So Velma Superstar is not a "show on " No analysis of the star system, no one-sided statement on entertainment or show business here. Above all Velma Superstar is an experiment, a test including spectacular. And nobody can predict the result of this experiment before witnessing it.