Requiem, A musical show by Velma
After exploring the conditions of mass culture and entertainment with Velma Superstar, VelmaŐs new show Requiem will soon resound in theatres. Like the ancient masses this performance invites to contemplation and calls on the idea of survival: survival of the departedŐs soul, of course, yet, the bereavedŐs struggle for survival, for immortality becomes vital in this moment.
Velma hasnŐt composed a requiem for somebody or something in particular. Maybe, creating a ceremony reflects a certain dolour for societal institutions theatre seems to be a last manifestation of. Or is it the mere awareness of death as vital nerve of our existence which motivates this performance? With Requiem, Velma again mixes up the genres and creates a timeless musical ceremony.
Emerged from rock and electronic music clubs where Velma still surprises the audience, Christian Garcia, Christophe Jaquet and Stephane Vecchione have been creating musical performances since 1999. They have developped a unique style of projecting music into the very heart of the dramatical set up. Velma offers music a new space, a space in which music is not at the service of the story, simple effect or decoration but where everything serves music.