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The art of desequilibrium. Rare are the artists who can handle the repetition, hypnosis and break without ever wearying nor falling into the repetition [... ] Both musicaly and visually, the universe of these odd Vaudois escapes any classification.
Michel Masserey, LE TEMPS (CH), December 3rd, 1999

Hilarious and oppressive, Velma performance easily defused the customary wall of sound. Encore!
Michael Rodriguez & Boris Senff, 24 HEURES (CH), December 6th, 1999

Finely built and punctuated by fuses and defused bombs, Cyclique2 fully seduces its audience. Needless to say, volte-face is part of the show…
Samuel Schellenberg, LE COURRIER (CH), November 23rd, 2000

At the borders of theatre and dance by its very precise mechanics of the bodies, Cyclique2 cultivates a certain neutrality, even if it means to send the spectator back to his own experience.
Nicolas Julliard, LE TEMPS (CH), November 16th, 2000

Always stuck on stage wearing its obsolete costumes, the trio activates the levers of a mesmerising, strange and reflected music, the repeated illustration of human automatisms.
François Barras, 24 HEURES, (CH), November 18th, 2000