REQUIEM in Dresden (D)
Requiem will be played in the great societaetstheater in dresden, east germany.
On wednesday 13 of may, 21h, in the Club Tante Ju stage.
07.04. 09

REQUIEM at Hebbel am Ufer (D)
Requiem will take place at the Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin. The 27th 28th 29th November 2008. Great news and great place for the fourth time in this theater, after Rondo and VelmaSuperstar. Be there!
08.10. 08

Velma in Concert
Velma will play at the Gaswerk in Winterthur, Switzerland, on the 27th of september with the great disco doom.

Velma has been asked to curate a whole section of the festival Les Urbaines
which will take place December 4-6 2008 in Lausanne.
More details to follow.

The next piece from Fabienne Berger
Christian is composing the music of the next fabienne berger dance piece again, for the sixth time. Electronics-experimental-drones to be waiting for. The premiere will take place at the theatre de l'arsenic on the 3rd october 2008. more news here:

Stephane is creating the music for "Airport kids"
Stephane has made the original music for the new project of stefan kaegi and lola arias ( Its playing in theatre de vidy and le festival d'avignon in june-july 2008

Christian is working on "Rive-Neuve"
The director Aline brechbuehl is finishing her last movie, a documentary film about a palliative care home. The music is composed by christian. The film will be finished end august. More news here: belle-nuit

Stephane is working on "sono qui per l'amore"
stephane is making the original music for the show "sono qui per l'amore" of massimo furlan. it take place at the theatre de l'arsenic in lausanne in april 2008

The new film of Vincent Pluss.
Christian has composed the full lenght soundtrack for the new film of Vincent Pluss. "du bruit dans la tete" produced by intermezzo and komplizenfilm.
News about release dates, festival, etc.. on the producer website.

Polish Fun Club
After the great experience in Poland, the warsaw choir has created an amazing Polish fun club web site. check it out. .

"La boule d'or" from Bruno Deville
A new soundtrack composition by christian for the short film of Bruno Deville "La boule d'or". A film/choreography about old men playing petanque. More infos here: le flair.

composition for POP_CH.AU
christophe and stephane has composed the music for the show "POP_CH.AU" for the contemporary music ensemble CH-AU, in theatre de l'Oriental in Vevey, January 2008

Lot of new dates for this autumn... see below. And this dates will propably be followed by a UK tour, and a Berliner Requiem. Stay tuned...
19.05. 08

REQUIEM in Basel (TBC)
Kaserne Basel december 13-15.

REQUIEM at the Informal European Theater Meeting (IETM)
requiem will be play in zurich during IETM at the theater der kuenste
, november 6-7, 2008.

REQUIEM in Warsaw
Warszawa Centralna Festival, october 15-16, 2008.

REQUIEM in Ghent (B)
in the next International festival van vlaanderen at Vooruit in Ghent, october 1-2 2008.

VelmaSuperstar in Warsaw (PL)
Great choir event again in Poland, with the body-mind festival at Magazin1 in Warsaw, june 13-15, 2008.

REQUIEM at Mousonturm (D)
The next Velma performance will take place at the KŸnstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt in the frame of: Plateaux Festival - new position in international performing arts. The 20. April 2008, 20h. Great news and great place with an international visibility. Be there!
05.03. 08

Velma on Fuzz
More news, music, photos, comments, calendar, etc etc... on Fuzz Music Uprising. Thanks to Ulik for that..
05.10. 07

Velma Requiem is on tour!
Next shows in Zurich 14-15 December 2007 at Gessnerallee and in DŸsseldorf 21-23 February 2008 at Forum Freies Theater. More shows to come. Stay tuned.

Velma at Spielart Munich
Velma will close the Festival Spielart in Munich this year. Come and see them perform a concert on Saturday 1st December 2007 21:00 at Muffatwerk/Ampere in Munich (D).

Velma is working on a new project: REQUIEM
Next to Velma Superstar tour Velma was researching and preparing for weeks and is now on summer break which is entirely dedicated to the creation of the new show. After analysing show business codes with Velma Superstar, Velma is now facing the eternal human obsession of death - and how to survive. Velma is thus creating a Requiem and canÕt wait to show it to you.
Premiere will take place at Arsenic, Lausanne (CH) from 11 Š 16 September 2007.
Want to know more? Please contact us at or +41 79 420 0211.
Of course, nothing can keep the band from playing concerts during this summer. Keep up to date with this website.

Velma rocks da dollhouse
On August 12th at 16h00 Velma will do a concert-performance at the Dollhouse in Motiers (CH). The "Maison de Poupee" is a project designed within the "Art en Plein Air Motiers 2007" exposition and involves contemporary music and art projects. Have a look at this cute dollhouse.

Surprise concert at the Belluard Bollwerk International Festival
After our cosy concert in the Romandie (Lausanne) together with the amazing Dalek on June 15th, Velma is going to play a surprise concert/performance at the Belluard festival closing party in Fribourg on mighty 07.07.07.

Myspace Velma the myspace link is now a bit more active, thanks a million for the help to S.O.D. the adress is:

Photos from VelmaSuperstar in prague
little slide here from the rehearsal, the choir, the city, the velma's, the promoter, the baby, etc etc..

Christian is working on ELLE(S), May 10-12th, 2007
For the new choreography of the Cie Fabienne Berger: Elle(s), christian composed the full original soundtrack. The premiere will be in theatre Nuithonie in Fribourg (CH).

VELMA SUPERSTAR in Praha (CZ), May 20-21th, 2007
After showing Rondo, the 4+4 days in motion festival in Prague invites Velma Superstar to perform at the Ponec Theatre. Another trip to the beautiful eastern Venice (tbc).

VELMA SUPERSTAR in BERLIN (D), May 03rd-05th, 2007
Great news! Velma Superstar will be shown at HAU 1, the beautiful theatre of the former Hebbel Theatre in Berlin - one of the last (if not THE VERY last) theatre buildings of this standard left unbombed in Germany. Great place, great city, and most certainly great choir volunteers....

Rehearsal with the choir in gent
These pictures were taken by one of the members of the Velma Superstar choir in Ghent, Belgium:

Some souvenirs in youtube
Nice people filmed some recent performances of Velma, you can find it on youtube, check it out:

VELMA in South Africa, January 21th-30th, 2007
Velma got invited by Pro Helvetia's South Africa Office for artistic exchange between Swiss and South African Artists. We gave a concert at the Bowling Club (Cape Town) and met wonderful people there, all involved in art, theatre, dance, performance, graphic design. Moreover we had the chance to meat a lot of really incredible local choirs.

2 CONCERTS IN HOLLAND (nl), December 13th-14th, 2006
Last minute concert, at Paradox Tillburg on the 13th, and one on the boat Stubnitz which is now in Amsterdam on the 14th. These concerts were organized by Morezvukov

VELMA SUPERSTAR at the GipfelstŸrmer Festival in Zurich (CH), March 16th, 2007
Back in Zurich where we already showed Velma Superstar at the Gessnerallee in January 2006. We are now invited to a kinda "professional" session: the Gipfelstuermer Festival where some Swiss companies can show their work to international programmers. Of course public audience is very welcome, as well. It will take place at the Rote Fabrik (Aktionshalle). The Gipfelstuermer festival is organized by Gessnerallee and RoteFabrik.

VELMA SUPERSTAR in Ghent (Belgium), February 08-09th, 2007
The Vooruit, really great place in Belgium, invites Velma to perform Velma Superstar at the Theaterzaal during the Festival "The game is up!". Ghent will be the 7th city in which we play Velma Superstar

Some Photos of Leipzig
Here are some photos of the gigantic Velma Superstar performance in the Arena of Leipzig.

Christophe and Stephane as DJ'S, December 08th, 2006
Christophe and Stephane will play their records in the famous Club Le ROMANDIE in Lausanne.

QUICKTIME MOVIE of different concerts of Velma
Velma edited footage from various Velma performances and wish thank the different persons who shot all this from the audience during our tours. Song is Private perfection from La pointe Farinet, 2'949 m.. This link is also in the music page.

APPLIQUE in Berlin, September 16th, 2006
For the opening of the ballhaus Naunynstrasse in Berlin (kreuzberg), Velma will play his special concert "Applique" in the Interface festival for music and related arts, this festival is merged with the 10 years anniversary of Planet Rock booking agency, and great artists like Felix Kubin, Tony Conrad and more will be there..

VELMA SUPERSTAR in Geneva, September 11-12th, 2006
For the batie festival, Velma Superstar will be played at "La Comedie de Geneve". A prestigious place for the last velma's performance, and as usual, with a new 40 people choir... more infos and registering for the choir here.

CHRISTIAN is working on the next Jean-Stephane Bron movie
The next Jean-Stephane Bron movie "mon frere se marie" will be finished very soon, the music is composed by christian, very lo-fi acoustic stuff, more infos on mon frere se marie website.

STEPHANE's wedding
the next 05th of may, stephane will be married to Sun-Hye, congratulations and hapiness...

STEPHANE on stage without velma, from april 20 to 30, 2006
Velma member Stephane Vecchione will be performing in "Palo Alto" the next
spectacle of the excellent Massimo Furlan. To be seen at the Arsenic theatre in

nothing really new... but, well...

VELMA SUPERSTAR in dijon, May 20-21th, 2006
in its 6th edition, the frictions festival.will present the latest performance of velma. To be seen at the Theatre Dijon Bourgogne, Centre dramatique national at the Parvis St-Jean, an old Church turned into a theatre...

Finally out on Psychotica records a split album with the Italian band
Lillayell from Taranto/Pisa. Check it out.
psychotica records

VELMA SUPERSTAR in Leipzig, the 7-8th november 06
We are very glad to announce that our latest show will be programmed at the euro-scene. The festival's theme this year: "consonnance/dissonance, music in theatre and dance from the old and new europe", sounds quite appropriate for us...

Velma's new cd, under the title "La Pointe Farinet, 2949m. has been released on French label (, and Swiss label ( " Dirty hip hop influenced loops are to be expected.

VELMA in Live
After receiving numerous requests for a live recording, Velma has decided to offer you a full concert (Grenoble (FR) 11/02/2005) download in mp3 format here ...enjoy!!