Velma's second album. Features a multimedia bonus and a little game.

01. Vitamine
02. Orange
03. Circumflex
04. 55.291
05. Stupid
06. Tricycle
07. Ping pong
08. Masquerade
09. Vitamine Tocopherol Wave Mix (only on 2000 re-release)

all tracks by Velma (Christian Garcia, Christophe Jaquet, Stéphane Vecchione)
except track 09 (Vitamine Tocopherol Wave Mix) by Velma, remixed by Patrick de Rham. additional sampling by Jean-Daniel Garcia. recorded and mixed by Julien Grandjean. mastered by Glenn Miller at Greenwood Studio. cd-rom project by Olivier Mariette. sleeve design by Valérie Deloux

EMN7025, NPS0036CD

1999 - Emperor Norton Records (USA, JAP)
2000 - Noise Product (CH, F, B)
2000 - Namskeio Records (rest of the world)

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55' 291